Science+Story makes research-based & data-driven groups sound clear & remarkable.

To decision makers. Funders. Even the general public.

Science+Story is a solo strategic consultancy that can solve your challenges communicating science & ideas.

Challenges such as:

"How do we tell our best stories better?"

"How can we tell them with limited staff capacity?"

"How do we promote our new report or study beyond pitching it to media?"

"What content do we put on our new (or old) website -- and why?"

"How can we give better presentations?"

"What should our communications strategy really be?" 


Uncover & report your best science/ideas stories

Craft master content plans for your digital channels

Train your scientists & staff to give great presentations

Write your op-eds, blog posts, reports & press releases

Edit your research papers & general audience communications

Run two-day writing workshops to push your manuscripts to acceptance

Plan media strategy for your new paper

Script video & data visualizations to make your research come alive




Bob Lalasz: 

  • Uncovering and reporting out your organization's best stories;
  • Crafting master content plans for your website or social media; 
  • Training your scientists how to improve their presentations and writing for key audiences; 
  • Planning media strategy for your research.
  • Writing narratives for data visualizations that bring your research to life.

Strategy & Services 



Bob's editing has helped dozens of scientists get their work published -- from peer-reviewed papers in top-flight journals to blog posts for The New York Times.

Click below to read samples of his editing as well as his science writing on conservation, psychology and health. Then learn about the intensive two-day writing workshops he leads that will push your draft to publication readiness.  


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Bob Lalasz

For 15 years, Bob Lalasz has delivered award-winning strategy and editorial for communicating science and ideas to these organizations:  

  • The Nature Conservancy 
  • UCLA's Institute of Environment and Sustainability.
  • Science for Nature & People Partnership
  • Population Reference Bureau
  • Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

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