Great talks and presentations are strategic weapons — for your prospective funders, clients, partners and potential hires. And in a time of high stakes for science and research, the presentations you and your staff give have to rise to the challenge.

Science+Story coaches you and your staff to dramatically improve your presentation skills and develop the best talks of your careers — suitable for formats such as TEDx. The secret: An individualized, non-templated development process built around strong narrative, the identity and needs of the audience, and clarity in research communication. Learn more about the Science+Story approach.

Your presentation will go through as many as five or six revisions from first consultation to event. The process is intense -- but the impact is unmistakable. 


Bob Lalasz, founder of Science+Story, has worked with nearly 100 scientists and other subject matter experts to rapidly improve their presentations and public speaking. Examples include:



1. Development Includes audience analysis; developing a talk outline, flowing from a strong narrative spine; and constructing slides that support the narrative and that express any research findings crisply and legibly.  

2. Refinement Next, we use multiple Skype and/or in-person practice sessions to hone the script and slides and to refine delivery. We end just before the event with a final run-through session to proof the talk. 

Potential audiences for the talk could include:

  • Funders and donors; 
  • General audiences; and
  • Conferences (field, sector, industry, or topical). 

Talk genre options include:

  • A vision talk, grounded in research, that lays out a future and what it would take to get there;
  • A research-informed presentation or talk, delivering value analysis on current issues and events;
  • Introduction to a body of research or new research;
  • Introduction to a research program or institute and its unique value to problem solving.

Talk length: Between 5-20 minutes.

Development time: One to three months, depending on the project and the speaker’s schedule. 



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