Groups such as Society for Science & the Public, The Breakthrough Institute, The Earth Genome & UCLA's Institute of Environment and Sustainability turn to Science+Story for strategic marketing consulting that delivers results. 


Case Study: Society for Science & the Public


Society for Science & the Public is a nearly 100-year old non-profit dedicated to fostering public engagement in scientific research and education -- through its publications such as Science News and by facilitating global science fairs and competitions such as the Regeneron Science Talent Search. 

The Society's previous membership value proposition centered on a subscription to Science News. The Society wants to engage new members who support a strong future for science and see hands-on STEM education and public literacy programs such as the Society's as key to securing that future.

Through audience interviews and deep dives into analytics, Science+Story Communications has developed a message house and content strategy for the Society's new digital membership program. The strategy will drive new acquisition and retention campaigns throughout 2017.



Case Study: UCLA IoES


UCLA's Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES) in 2015 hired a new director -- Peter Kareiva -- to add his optimistic, problem-solving vision of environmentalism to an already formidable set of environmental faculty and academy programs.

Science+Story Communications developed a strategic communications plan and messaging architecture for IoES for delivery in early 2016 that focused on the business objectives of the institute, particularly a) fundraising and b) increasing recruitment of underserved minority students to IoES undergraduate major and minor programs. 

Science+Story is now coaching eight IoES faculty as they develop 10-minute general-audience talks on their visions for a more sustainable future -- talks that the institute will use to attract students and donors.





The Breakthrough Institute – strategic and tactical communications consulting for a research institute renowned for disrupting dead-end paradigms in environmentalism and energy; messaging and tactical communications for Breakthrough's new Future of Food vertical

Society for Science & the Public – messaging, content strategy and content development for new digital membership program for the oldest science advocacy non-profit in the United States

The Earth Genome – messaging architecture, foundational funding communications collateral & web architecture & content marketing (through op-eds) for big environmental data analytics firm that seeks to mainstream use of natural capital by corporations & other decision-makers

Nature Conservancy/Indo-Pacific Tuna Program – messaging architecture & donor/media communications products for partnership to make tuna fishing in the Western & Central Pacific Oceans sustainable by 2021

UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability – messaging architecture and strategic communications plan for Southern California's premier center for environmental science and education