Science+Story Communications serves research-driven non-profits, B-corps, university departments & institutes, and individual researchers. 


Our services can help you

Grow your membership, funding base & audiences

Create media hooks for your new research

Develop a killer presentation

Produce effective content with the staff you have 

Ensure your website redesign will serve your strategic communications objectives

Produce insight content for your leaders

Differentiate yourself from everyone else in your space

Past and present clients include

Society for Science & the Public

The Earth Genome

UCLA's Institute for Environment and Sustainability

The Breakthrough Institute

The Natural Capital Project

The Nature Conservancy



To help you meet your research & organizational goals, Science+Story Communications can develop:   

  • An analytics and research-based strategy to make sure your digital content delivers for your objectives;
  • An editorial design to optimize how your strategic content is produced, published & disseminated;
  • Thought-leadership content to promote your research and group; and
  • Master narratives & messaging kits/architecture for your organization, priorities or research.

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We coach researchers to quickly and dramatically improve their presentations & presentation skills ahead of high-stakes talks to donors, managers, and peers. 

The secret: Provide individualized, non-templated coaching that stresses a) strong narrative, b) understanding of the audience's identity and needs, and c) respect for the science & how to communicate it clearly. 

Presentations typically go through as many as five or six revisions from first consultation to event. The process is intense -- but the impact is unmistakable.  

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For nearly 20 years, Bob Lalasz has delivered award-winning strategy & editorial for communicating science & ideas to scientists and groups such as:  

  • Society for Science & the Public
  • The Earth Genome
  • The Nature Conservancy 
  • UCLA's Institute of Environment and Sustainability
  • The Breakthrough Institute
  • Science for Nature & People Partnership
  • The Natural Capital Project
  • Population Reference Bureau
  • Environmental Change & Security Project